The founder of homeopathy was a young physician by the name of Samuel Christian Hahnemann. Born in Germany in 1755, Hahnemann benefited from a good education and studied medicine and chemistry at many universities including Leipzig, Vienna and Erlangen.

Hahnemann was strongly opposed to many of the medical practices of that time, such as blood-letting, purging and drastic doses of medicine that often left patients with terrible side effects. Even then Hahnemann argued for better public hygiene and advocated the importance of sensible eating, fresh air and exercise.

In 1790, while translating "A Treatise on Materia Medica" written by Dr. William Cullen, Hahnemann came across a passage where Cullen stated that quinine, a substance obtained from the bark of the cinchona tree, was a good treatment of malaria because of its astringent qualities. This made no sense to Hahnemann who, as a chemist, was aware that there were other more powerful astringents that had no effect on malaria whatsoever and he decided to investigate further. Hahnemann started dosing himself with the substance for several days and discovered that he began to develop the symptoms of malaria even though he did not have the disease. If he did not take the quinine, he had no symptoms. He wondered if this was the reason why malaria was also cured by quinine. He tested his theory by repeating doses of quinine on people he knew well. He called this "provings" and their reactions were noted in great detail. Hahnemann continued his experiments and provings, testing a wide range of natural sources.

Hahnemann had discovered the principle of "like can cure like" and his work resulted in the creation of a new system of medicine.

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