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Merc.sol. Types are introverted and confined with a strong emotional undercurrent. They are mentally anxious and restless and have a strong need for stability and orderliness. They can seem detached and arrogant but actually have a sense of internal haste, which they are at pains to restrain. When ill they can become mentally dulled, hesitant in speech and slow to grasp. They may also have poor memory and will power. Their insecurities make them extremely conservative, cautious and suspicious when dealing with others. They are very sensitive to criticism and contradiction, sometimes exploding in rage.
Physical appearance:
Merc. sol. types are often fair-haired and have translucent, smooth , unlined skin with a pinched nose. Facial expression is detached despite emotions within.

Natrum mur.
Natrum mur types are serious, conscientious people who can be moody and despairing, especially on waking. They are also highly sensitive and refined. Most Natrum mur. types are women and tend to be easily hurt by criticism or insults. As a result they become introverted and appear detached and self reliant. When self absorbed they can be impatient and abrupt. They bring loneliness on themselves, although they actually want the company of others. They cry or sulk over slights or insults, but dislike sympathy from others. Music moves them to tears.
Physical appearance:
Tend to be pear-shaped with either sandy or dark hair. They have slightly shiny, pale, puffy skin. Eyes may appear watery and eyelids reddened.

Phos people are open, expressive and affectionate and often have an artistic flair. They need a great deal of stimuli to give their imaginative natures full expression and to avoid becoming irritable and indifferent. They are very compassionate, giving readily of themselves. Generally optimistic, they love to be the centre of attention. However, enthusiasm is often short lived and they may offer more than they can actually deliver. When unwell, they need lots of sympathy and adore being stroked.
Physical appearance:
These types usually have either dark or fair hair, often with a coppery tint. They are tall and slim and appear well-proportioned. They often wear bright, flamboyant clothes and have fine, pale skin that flushes easily.

Almost always women, they are sweet natured, shy, kind and gentle. They adjust to different people and circumstances, but this flexibility can lead to indecision. They are not assertive, find it difficult to express anger and avoid confrontation in order to keep peace. Often dependant on others for support, they gratefully accept guidance and advice. Readily compassionate with people or animals in distress, they tend to be persuaded by emotion rather than by thought. They make friends easily, and cry easily with little self restraint.
Physical appearance:
Pulsatilla people flush or blush easily and tend to be plump with fair hair and blue eyes.

In the main, sepia types are women. They are irritable at home yet extrovert in company and are transformed by dancing, which they love. They are either one, or a combination of two distinct characters. First is independent, career minded and seeks gratification from her work. Second is absorbed by a sense of duty as a wife and mother and can not assert her own needs. They often feel on the brink of being overcome by their responsibilities.
Physical appearance:
Sepia types are usually lean and tall with slim hips, dark hair and brown eyes. Sepia women are attractive and elegant with an angular, slightly masculine appearance.

Although silicea people are tenacious and stubborn, they appear frail and passive. They lack physical and mental staying power and fear being overwhelmed, yet they show great determination once a challenge is accepted. Despite being friendly and sensitive, they have a brittle temperament. This is largely due to the fact that they lack confidence and fear responsibility, which makes them inflexible and hesitant in attempting new tasks. In relationships they may remain uncommitted for dread of giving too much of themselves and being hurt.
Physical appearance:
These types are usually thin and small-boned, with fine straight hair and neat appearance. Their nails may be rough, brittle and yellowish. They are prone to cracked lips and fissures at the corners of their mouths.




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