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Nux vomica
Highly strung, energetic, competitive achievers, these types work and play hard. They are mentally and verbally lively and express themselves with clarity and wit. They are impatient and often explode with anger. Intolerant of criticism towards themselves, however they are highly critical of others, and insist on perfection. They are likely to use alcohol or drugs to enhance their performance or to help them relax. When ill they are discourteous and quick to snap.
Physical appearance:
These people are usually lean, tense-looking with a smart appearance. They are inclined to have sallow skin and dark circles under the eyes.

Although sulphur types expend a great deal of energy in imaginative and inventive thought, they are incapable on a practical level. Inclined to be antipathetic and critical over minor details, they can also be very open hearted, giving liberally of their time and money. They are egotistical with a strong need for recognition and at worst they are lazy lacking willpower and initiative and do not follow things through to completion. Although easily outraged, their anger subsides quickly. Because they live life at an intellectual level, their feelings are seldom deeply impacted.
Physical appearance:
Sulphur types may have one of two appearances; they are either rounded, red faced and look jolly, or are lean and lanky with slouched posture. Both types have coarse hair and may appear untidy.

Lachesis types are perceptive, creative and ambitious. In relationships they are inclined to be egotistical and jealous, often alternating between love and hate for their partner. They live life intensely and have a sense of physical and mental congestion that can only be relieved by a form of discharge such as expressing their views. World affairs are of extreme interest to them, and they tend to embrace or reject a particular philosophy. Although they posses great creative energy, it may be infrequent and ill-sustained.
Physical appearance:
Generally Lachesis types are freckled redheads who may be overweight with a somewhat bloated appearance or they are dark haired, lean and energetic. Their complexion is pale with a purplish hue.

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