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The B.E.S.T Machine

By setting up an ohm meter with the patients body and the computer, it is possible to assess the energetic state of the organs and systems tested, by passing a small current through the body, and measuring the conductivity at the various acupuncture points. This information is obtained by placing a brass probe on the acupuncture points on the hands and feet, while the patient holds an electrode in the opposite hand. The computer records the readings the practitioner then scans through no less than 33,000 items on the computer software. The numerical values for the energetic signals relating to these numerous pharmaceutical, homeopathic, herbal and nutritional remedies are stored in a library which forms part of the computer software. The programme matches these energetic signals with the meridians that are out of balance, and identifies, by means of their values / measurements, which remedies will best restore the balance to these meridians.

At the conclusion of the testing with the best system, the electromagnetic signals generated by the computer are imprinted into a carrier liquid. This therapeutic substance which is taken by the patient over the following two weeks, will simulate the healing mechanisms of the body.

The best system may be used for a number of different functions namely
1. Nutritional evaluation of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids etc.
2. Testing for pathogens, viruses, bacteria etc.
3. Identifying dental problems that may be associated with or be underlying cause of symptoms of ill health.
4. Identifying structural problems e.g vertebrae non alignment
5. Testing for food sensitivity and other allergens
6. Testing for chemical and endocrine imbalances.

By utilizing this advanced technology, the practitioner can enhance his/her patients own innate healing ability, so that they can begin to enjoy their full health potential - both physically and emotionally.

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