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There is no doubt that medical science has made remarkable progress with regard to the identification and treatment of disease. It is however also true, that the emphasis in modern medicine appears to be the identification and treatment of disease. Very often this treatment may only address the presenting symptoms thereby easing the patient's discomfort. Surgery is too often suggested for ailments which, with minor lifestyle adaptations, good nutrition, fresh air and exercise would probably cease to exist.

Homeopathy embraces a holistic approach, with a greater emphasis on preventative behaviour which in essence requires the active participation of the patient. The patient who presents with any specific ailment may find that the practitioner may treat the symptoms in the short term, but will be looking for a far wider understanding of the personality, lifestyles, emotions and diets of the patient to find the underlying cause of the disease. Once the practitioner is confident the cause has been identified, he or she will prescribe remedies to address the underlying cause.

Homeopathic remedies differ in essence from other medicines in the preparation process and practitioners will attempt to make use of natural, non-toxic, non-invasive procedures wherever possible facilitating the body's own ability to heal itself with minor interventions.

Today's stressful lifestyles, high urban pollution levels, inadequate nutrition, exercise and stress management techniques, create the environment for the onset of disease. Homeopathy attempts to restore the balance required by the human body for optimum health, without the harmful side effects which result from the use of chemical drugs.

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