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Besides preventative care, homeopathy plays an important supporting role which chronic or seriously ill patients, can utilise in conjunction with the treatment prescribed by the physician. Indeed the wise physician will recognise this important role and refer his patient when appropriate to a homeopathic practitioner. More and more medical doctors are acknowledging the effectiveness of alternative treatments such as acupuncture, meditation, colon therapy and many others in the long term treatment of various chronic diseases.


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Dictionary of Natural Healing: Ultimate Antioxid
Author(s): Deborah Mitchell
Natural healing for women: Caring for yourself with herbs, homeopathy and essential oils
Author(s): Susan Curtis, Romy Fraser
Nerys Purchon's Handbook of Natural Healing
Author(s): Nerys Purchon
The treatment of illness
Author(s): Jill Rosemary Davies
Complete Family Guide To Alternative Medicine: An Illustrated Encyclopedia Of Natural Healing
Author(s): HarperCollins Publishers, Element Books Inc
Natural Healing: Alternative/complimentary Resources for Total Health
Author(s): S.Jeanne Gunn
The Complete Encyclopedia Of Natural Healing
Author(s): Gary Null
Natural Healing Handbook: Get back to health...Naturally
Author(s): Beth M. Ley-Jacobs
Shiatsu Handbook: A Practical Guide To Natural Healing
Author(s): Shizuko Yamamoto
Complete Book Of Homeopathy: A Comprehensive Manual Of Natural Healing
Author(s): Michael Weiner
New Choices In Natural Healing:Drug Free Remedies From The World Of Alternative Medicine
Author(s): Rodale Press
New Choices In Natural Healing:Drug Free Remedies From The World Of Alternative Medicine
Author(s): Fugh-Berma
Alternative Medicine
Publisher: Rodale Press
New Choices in Natural Healing
Author(s): Prevention Magazine
Natural Healing Secrets
Author(s): Brian Chichester, Random House Value Publishing
Eight Weeks to Optimum Health: A proven program for taking full advantage of your body's natural healing power
Author(s): Andrew Weil
The Complete Guide to Natural Healing: A natural health book
Author(s): Elizabeth Burch
Dr. Whitaker's Guide to Natural Healing: America's leading "Wellness Doctor" shares his secrets for lifelong health
Author(s): Julian Whitaker
Homeopathy and Self Healing: A practical course in homeopathy and how to use its power for healing
Author(s): Dana Ullman
Homeopathy for Common Ailments
Author(s): Robin Hayfield, Robin, LCH Hayfield
Healing with Homeopathy
Author(s): Peter Chappell, David Andrews

Homeopathy for Common Ailments
Author(s): Robin Hayfield

Homeopathy: Simple Remedies for Natural Health
Author(s): Robin Hadfield
Homeopathy Made Simple: A Quick Reference Guide
Author(s): Donald Papon, R. Donald Papon
Hay House Lifestyles: Homeopathy A-Z
Author(s): Dana Ullman
Bioenergetic Medicines East and West: Acupuncture and Homeopathy
Author(s): Louis J.Vanrenen, Clark Manning
Homeopathy and Your Health: A different way of treating common everyday ailments
Author(s): Miche Aubin, Phillipe Picard
The Handbook of Homeopathy: Its principles and practice
Author(s): Gerhard Khler, Gerhard koehler
The Family Health Guide to Homeopathy
Author(s): Barry Rose
Consumer's guide to Homeopathy: Work for you
Author(s): Dana Ullman
Healthful Alternative: Homeopathy: Self healing Handbook
Author(s): Walther Hohenester, Michael Helfferich, Walter Hohenester
The Science of Homeopathy
Author(s): George Vithoulkas
The Complete Guide to Homeopathy: The principles and practice of treatment with a
comprehensive range of self-help remedies for common

Author(s): Andrew Lockie
Homeopathy in Primary Care
Author(s): Bob Leckridge

Homeopathy, Healing and You
Author(s): Vinton McCabe

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