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Osteopathy is based upon manual manipulation of the body to relieve pain, restore freedom of motion, and strengthen the body's own healing ability.The most commonly used procedures in osteopathic medical techniques are articulatory techniques, counter strain, cranial treatment, lymphatic techniques, soft tissue techniques and thrust techniques.

An Osteopath focuses on mainly a sound body structure and sees the patient as a unified organism, thereby ensuring efficient functioning of the body and decreased "wear & tear".

In natural medicine, the study of nutrition focuses on the effect of diet upon the patient's health. Nutritionists teach patients how a bad diet can increase the risk of serious health problems while modifications in diet can ease the symptoms or even cure a serious disease.

Naturopathic practitioners commonly treat with therapies that are primarily natural and non-toxic, including clinical nutrition, vitamin and mineral supplements, hydrotherapy, counselling and physical therapy. Naturopaths look for underlying causes of a disease and assist the patient to eliminate them. They study physical, emotional, genetic, dietary, and environmental factors which influence a person and could explain an illness, and then suggest changes in diet, exercise, and lifestyle that will help promote good health and prevent chronic diseases from developing.

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The Complete Encyclopedia Of Natural Healing
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The Complete Guide To Natural Healing: A Natural Health Book
Author(s): Tom Monte




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